Dean’s Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
with South of the Border Flavors

Crispy Silken Tofu with Shaved Apple/Peanut Salad,
Crispy Fragrant Rice and Thai Coconut Sauce

Charred Corn and Jalapeño Jack Cheese Street Taco
with Pickled Red Onion/Mango Salad
and Cilantro Sauce

Farm to Fearing’s Vegetable Salad
with Artisanal Gem Lettuce, Crushed Almonds,
Cask Aged Sherry Vinaigrette and Paula’s Goat Cheese


Jalapeño/Spinach Ranchero Enchilada,
Butternut Squash Taquito with Yellow Tomato Pico de Gallo,
and Mexican Corn Gratin with Baja Avocado Fries

Chopstick Rolled Green Tea Noodles
with Sautéed Maitake Mushroom, Tempura Broccolini
and Ginger Miso Cream

Saffron Basmati Rice Sautéed with Carnival Cauliflower,
Confit Fennel, Charred Dates, Crispy Brussels Sprout Leaves
with Spiced Pistachios and Mint Yogurt

Corn Tamales Filled with Black Bean Fiesta Salad
on Warm Yellow Tomato Salsa and Guajillo Sauce
with House Pickled Escabeche Vegetables