Jessica Peterson

Event Coordinator

What do you like to do in your spare time?   In my spare time, I teach several group exercise classes – Boot Camp, Cycle, etc.  I also love to sprint with a local group, A Tribe Called Sprinters.  If I am not teaching or sprinting, I am probably running around White Rock training for my next half marathon!

What’s your favorite item on the Fearing’s menu?  I can’t name just one so depending on my mood, either the Farm-to-Fearing’s Salad or Short Ribs, and I have never turned down a few Crispy Two Bite Lobster Tacos.

What are the most interesting things about you?  I am one of the “originals” and have been with Fearing’s since July 2007. I’m a Kansas native (Go K-State!), I am petrified of birds, and my two favorite food groups are mashed potatoes and cheese!

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