Dean's Kitchen
A lively, interactive display kitchen where guests can dine under a rawhide chandelier and watch our chefs in action. Surrounded in Light paneled oak.
66 people
The Gallery
An upscale fine dining room with magnificent artwork and beautiful table settings – perfect for an elegant evening or special occasion. Enjoy the upscale atmosphere, white linen tables, and commissioned resin artwork.
44 people
The Sendero
This is the ultimate alfresco experience. Sendero’s spectacular glass walls allow for a perfect temperature inside or, if the weather’s nice, a fully open-air dining experience. Sendero is Spanish for "the path".
44 people
The Ocaso
Our beautiful outdoor dining patio is centered around cool water features, towering trees and lush landscaping. Ocaso offers the best outdoor dining in central Dallas. Ocaso means sunset in Portuguese.
50 seated or 90 standing
*Can be covered during Dallas’ rare inclement weather
The Wine Cellar
An intimate, romantic setting for up to sixteen people, with a soaring, vaulted stone ceiling and vast array of wines. An oak table carved from a single tree is lit from above by a rustic chandeliers and is surrounded by wine enclosed in glass that can be frosted to conceal.
16 people
The Chef's Table
Premier elevated location in the midst of lively Dean’s Kitchen. Named America’s “Table of the Year” by Esquire Magazine (Nov. 2007). Offers close-up views of chefs in action and personal visits by the chef.
8 people
The Rattlesnake Bar
A cozy, welcoming bar with rich mahogany-paneled walls inlayed with leather, a friendly, casual atmosphere, light fare and Dean’s amazing margaritas and cocktails.
75 people
The Live Oak Bar
Named for the Texas live oak trees that shade it, this is a great outdoor spot for a cool drink or casual gathering.
60 people
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Monday - Friday
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Monday - Thursday
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Friday & Saturday
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Sunday Brunch
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