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In the case of Dean Fearing I believe Webster “nailed it on the head,” as we Texans say.  Not only is he an extraordinary culinary genius, but a skilled guitar player and performer.  We recently shared the stage at Granada Theater and crooned some swingin’ tunes together for a night of blues-rockin’ fun.  The best of it was on the break when I actually had the opportunity to feast on his spiced-up creations.  I have to say, I was never the type to hit the Mansion for a break the bank evening.  I’m more the blue-cheese-potato-chip type at his buddy Kent Rathburn’s Jaspers.  In fact, of the popular restaurant scene in Dallas, my fave would still be his other chef brother Stephen Pyles’ Star Canyon of ‘90s fame.  We were saddened when those lights went out!  Late nights after a gig with friends to indulge in Pyles’ “Heaven and Hell” cake was always a crazy scene of wanna-be’s and bar flies – on steroids!  (as if we were some guests of honor… looking like something the cat dragged in after sweatin’ a three-hour gig of full-on rock music!) Ah, the days… always plenty of laughs and great times.

Our most frequent haunt back then was the late-night mariachis and dirty Mexican food of Guadalajara’s. But alas, like so many other institutions, it was torn down in the name of progress to make way for the growth spurt of the now posh Uptown.  Geez, when will we Texans learn that size really doesn’t matter?

But when my friend and fellow musician Dean Fearing told me about his new adventure at the Ritz Carlton, I figured it was worth a look-see.  After all, he has been one of the most sought after chefs inTexas for more than a decade now … and may even blaze a trail in the music scene too.  Fearing’s a fun guy to hang with!  And oh so generous … always willing to give of his time, talent and treasures to others. Hey, in my book if he’s a selfless musician that can cook … well, what else is there?

Clearly enjoying his life, Fearing is married (with children) to his wife who not only supports his own endeavors, but has recently become a restaurateur in her own right, along with Rathburn’s wife, Tracy, with Shinsei, the Pan Asian hang on Inwood at Lovers Lane.

Dean’s restaurant, Fearing’s is located at 2121 McKinney Avenue, inside the swanky new Ritz Carlton. For those of you lucky enough to have a “no-questions-asked” expense account, call 214.922.4848 for reservations.  While Fearing’s is likely not going to be a hang out for us starving musicians, his Rattlesnake Bar sounds like it just might have some possibilities for a refreshing beverage and maybe one little bite.  Ouch baby, very ouch!

Stephen Pyles has a new restaurant as well in Dallas named, yep, Stephen Pyles.  Hey, Kent, what’s the deal?  No name sake restaurant?  Oh… I get it.  Still workin’ the whole “secret identity” thing.  Probably not a bad idea!

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