Fearing’s romantic “Sendero” dining room featured in Dallas Modern Luxury

“Even Dean Fearing, who knows a thing or two about special occasion restaurants, describes The Sendero glass pavilion at Fearing’s as the “coziest, almost sexiest room I could ever think of in Dallas.” What’s all garden-y and girlfriends’ lunch during the day turns romantic at night, with flattering glows from the 750-piece Murano chandelier, intimate seating on leather settees and breezes from the canyon created by the Uptown skyline. At a recent dinner, a poker-faced waiter presented dessert to a young woman—-a diamond ring embedded in rose petals. “Oh my God!,” she said. He proposed on bended knee, she said “yes,” everyone applauded and the couple kissed to seal the deal. Tableside romance doesn’t get any better.” – Dallas Modern Luxury, July 2009

See the magazine online here, pp. 76-77.

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